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Connor’s Newborn Session

If looking at photography of newborns makes you happy, then you’re in the right post. This little man was such a rockstar during his first photography session and this adorable family was so much fun to work with.

Now I have had the pleasure of working with this family a few times now starting with the birth of their first son. At the time it is always fun to have a session with a family that has just stepped into the role of parenthood. I always love to hear how crazy strong us women are when it comes to our birth stories and what we go through and yet look amazing just days after. We are truly rockstars. But any time I get to photograph a new little addition I find it so great to see how seasoned the parents are and how excited their older sibling is to introduce, play, and interact with their new best friend.

Thank you Tim & Cheryl for allowing me to come visit and play with your two boys and get a chance to watch your adorable family grow over the past couple years. Welcome to the boy mama club, we’re a pretty cool bunch and best part is we don’t have to worry about learning how to french braid 🙂

Check out some of his images from Connor’s first session!

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