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Katie & Mike’s Maternity Shoot

If I had one regret looking back on my journey to motherhood, it was not buying an adorable amazon dress and taking maternity photos. I know how hypocritical it sounds that a photographer didn’t get photos taken, but truth be told, I rarely go in front of the camera…I’d much rather be behind it. But every time I have a couple about to become new parents and take sunset sessions like this one I sooo wish I had. I love the ability to transform a public park in the middle of busy Schaumburg into a fairytale setting for a photoshoot, it’s just too much fun. I also love that Katie & Mike went to the same park they had their wedding photos taken at (even took some on the same bridge) so that they can watch their story unfold as time goes on. Here’s to waiting until little miss or mr. show up next!!!

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