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Ava’s Newborn Photoshoot

If you’re dying to see an adorable baby, look no further. This little darling was the sweetest little nugget during her first photo session and it was so fun getting to see how tiny babies are again (lord knows none of my boys were ever this tiny haha!). I absolutely love when parents bring sentimental items into their newborn session and for this one Ava was well stocked. From a blanket knitted by her great grandmother to her mother’s wedding veil it was so much fun styling this shoot for this sweet new family. There’s just something so sweet about being able to witness when a family of two becomes a family of three. All I remember from those first few days was how tired I was and how crazy scared Dave and I were of everything. But Ava’s parents looked like seasoned pros by the time I showed up at just 3 days in. Welcome to the world sweet Ava girl!

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