Cullison Family Photo


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Cullison Family Photoshoot

Cullison Family Photo

As the crisp autumn breeze swept through the golden-hued trees, I had the pleasure of photographing the Cullison family in a picturesque fall setting during this year’s fall sessions in Chicago. 

At a charming local park with a kaleidoscope of autumnal colors in the backdrop, the soft, natural light set the perfect stage for capturing the essence of this close-knit family.

The key to a successful family photoshoot lies in capturing genuine moments, and the Cullisons were a natural in front of my lens. As the family strolled through the park, little Miss Maya’s laughter echoed, creating an atmosphere filled with pure joy.

Incorporating elements of the season added a unique charm to the photos. Miss Maya was ready to play in the leaves, find the last remaining dandelion, and playing in the nearby creek creating a playful environment for all of us. 

Capturing fall family photos for my old coworker and her family was such a heartwarming experience. The snuggles, the laughter echoing throughout the park, and the genuine connections between the Collisions all came together to create this visual narrative of love and warmth…enjoy!

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