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Tampa Maternity Shoot

One of my biggest fears leaving my old job for this new one was that I had some pretty amazing co-workers in the past that have always made it hard to leave. I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked alongside such incredible people (you all know who you are) and was worried that maybe my good luck was going to run out at some point. Well, not today. I can honestly say that working alongside such talented people has been such an incredible experience. Leaving teaching I was super intimidated taking the leap into the “working world” but this team has been so welcoming, encouraging, and make work such a joy. It was through this that I met Andrea. When I was looking to take some new photos throughout Tampa, Andrea did not even hesitate when I approached her about modeling for a photoshoot. Not only was she willing to help a sister out, but showed up looking freaking STUNNING!!! I can honestly say that I wish I was half as glamorous as her during my pregnancies. I cannot wait until her little man makes his grand appearance and we all have absolutely no doubt he will be so lucky to have such an amazing mama to welcome him 🙂

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